Fort Pierce, Florida
Located on the Intracoastal Waterway north of the Fort Pierce Inlet, this facility contains administrative offices, a fish house, refrigerated warehouse for storage and packing, ice production and a dock with 48 slips to accommodate boats up to 80’.  In late 2013, we expect to complete renovations on the entire property.  We have dredged the harbor, replaced the seawall and are currently expanding the docks to include fuel dock.  Our plans include construction of a new state-of-the-art processing facility.

Fort Pierce has been named a “fishing dependent community” by the Magnuson-Stevens Act .  By using local businesses to supply and maintain our long-line fleet, we are proud to contribute to the economy of Ft. Pierce which heavily depends on the success of this industry.

Ft. Pierce as been named by the Magnuson-Stevens Act as “fishing dependent community”. The National Standard guidelines expand upon the definition of a fishing community, and state that, “A fishing community is a social or economic group whose members reside in specific location and share a common dependency on commercial, recreational, or subsistence fishing or on directly related fisheries-dependent services and industries (for example, boatyards, ice suppliers, tackle shops)” 50 CFR 600.345(b)(2)

Lake Park, Florida
Our original facility, this property consists of our administrative offices and warehouse complex.  We have a dedicated warehouse for receiving, a large refrigerated warehouse for packing and storing fresh product to be shipped, a refrigerated area dedicated to ice production, a frozen warehouse for storage of bait, and a warehouse dedicated to shipping.

Cape Canaveral, FL
Marathon, FL

Cape Canaveral and Marathon (in the Florida Keys) have full-time receive locations where the fishermen can offload product and replenish their supplies. Day Boat Seafood trucks pick up the fish and deliver to the Lake Park warehouse for shipping.

  • Sustainable

    We are the only year-round supplier of MSC certified sustainable Atlantic swordfish in the world
  • Fresh

    Fresh – NEVER FROZEN – swordfish, tuna, snapper, grouper, mahi-mahi, finfish, stone crabs and spiny lobster
  • Traceable

    Tags with barcoded catch information attached to each fish assure complete traceability from ocean to market

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