In 2008, we began a search for software that would satisfy our stringent requirements for traceability. We selected an existing fishing industry software, “Seasoft”, and with extensive customization, now provide the highest level of traceability available from the point of catch to the consumers table.

Implemented in August of 2009, each swordfish or tuna is individually logged into our database; all smaller species are logged in as individual lots, recording the following detailed information for each trip:

Fisherman and vessel information: state and federal permit information, home port
Catch information – species, weight, state and federal id numbers, disposition of catch
Trip information – trip length, number of crew, start date, travel days, days fished, time used to set gear, number of sets, gear codes and descriptions, number of hooks, area of ocean and depth fished, and county and state landed.

This information is bar-coded on a label that is attached to the fish until it is received by the customer. When sold, buyer and delivery information is added, giving the customer 100% traceability for that item. This level of accountability is available for fish received in any of our foreign locations entered into Seasoft from an internet connection.

Our customized software integrates all the information necessary for full dealer accountability to the State of Florida, National Marine Fisheries Service and the US Food and Drug Administration. We are able to “push” data directly into State and Federal reporting systems as well as to traceability systems such as Trace Register™.

Trace Register™ provides the retailer electronic supply chain traceability of its products, assuring that wild seafood is legal and from sustainable sources. Day Boat Seafood supplies the origin information for the wild caught fish and information is added at every step in the supply chain, giving full traceability and transparency from the fisherman’s boat to the fish filet bought by the ultimate consumer.

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  • Sustainable

    We are the only year-round supplier of MSC certified sustainable Atlantic swordfish in the world
  • Fresh

    Fresh – NEVER FROZEN – swordfish, tuna, snapper, grouper, mahi-mahi, finfish, stone crabs and spiny lobster
  • Traceable

    Tags with barcoded catch information attached to each fish assure complete traceability from ocean to market

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